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Association Law

As community association living continues to grow in South Florida, so does the need for legal advice. The Law Offices of Michael A. Halberg, P.A. offers a full range of legal services for homeowner, condominium, and cooperative associations and other common interest ownership communities and community associations throughout South Florida.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Halberg, P.A. presently represents homeowner, condominium, and cooperative associations in and throughout South Florida. The boards of these associations, which are typically made up of volunteers, are responsible for running communities that may range from two to more than a thousand members. The boards are expected to be current on homeowner's association laws and regulations, ensure assessments are collected fully and promptly, provide for sufficient reserves and adequate maintenance, and respond to disputes among neighbors within the association.

Our law firm serves as general counsel and trial counsel in court cases for condominium, homeowner, cooperative, timeshare and mobile home associations throughout South Florida. Throughout the years, the extensive experience in providing these legal services has made our law firm sensitive to the legal needs of community associations. We understand those needs are as varied and individual as the associations themselves. Legal services for associations comprise a combination of law practice areas including condominium, homeowner and cooperative law, real property law, corporate law, insurance law, governmental law, contracts law and trials and appeals of court cases, arbitrations, mediations and administrative matters, collections and foreclosures.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Halberg, P.A. employs a unique process for the collection of past due assessments. Our process collects the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred, in most situations, from the delinquent or non-complying unit owner. While boards have a fiduciary duty to uniformly enforce the governing documents and to collect maintenance assessments to fund community services, the cost to pursue violators can present associations with the difficult choice of not pursuing certain issues solely for financial reasons. We are sensitive to this dilemma and, as a result, throughout the foreclosure process, we defer billing of attorneys’ fees. Disbursements are provided timely and detailed account status reports are provided so that our community association clients are always kept updated, fully informed, and fully funded.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Halberg, P.A. offers legal advice and services in all areas of community and condominium association law, including:

  • Interpretation of Association Governing Documents

  • Preparation of Amendments to Association Governing Documents

  • Enforcement of Association Governing Documents

  • Applicability of Division of Condominium Regulations and State Law to Operation of Association

  • Legal Counsel on all day-to-day Operational Decisions of the Association

  • Collection and Enforcement of Association Assessments

  • Lien and Foreclosure of Past Due Assessments

  • Drafting and Negotiation of Service Provider Contracts

  • Attendance At and Legal Counsel Regarding Elections of Directors

Association Law - Michael A. Halberg
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